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Keep it simple! Autoloc’s™ headlight conversion kits make installation of your vehicle’s lighting system a snap! All you have to do is install one simple unit and you’re done! All Autoloc™ headlight systems feature the highest quality bulbs available, for long-lasting, flawless performance. Autoloc’s™ exclusive Omni View Technology ensures maximum light output. All headlights are also available with turn signals that are built-in to the headlight housing. All kits come with detailed instructions to make installation easy as well as the option to customize the color dots with 5 different colors. 5 color dots are included with your Tri-Bar Headlight purchase.

Autooc™ unique omni view technology ensures the brightest light projection and assurance. In addition it helps the bulb work more efficiently on light output from the lens.

Autoloc™ exclusive patent pending built in turn signal design are ideal for hot rods and custom cars. Autoloc's™ built in turn signals allow you to remove your stock turn signals and create a cool sleek look.

Easy installation even for the "weekend" mechanic. The Tri-Bar Headlight is constructed of a lightweight plastic case with a glass lens.

All Headlights are sold individually.
Tri Bar Head Light W / Turn Signal W/ Bulb
Tri Bar Head Light W / Omni View Cel W/ Bulb
5 3/4" Tri Bar Head Light W / Omni View Cel W/ Bulb